douple spot parking.

just watched this video on FB where this douche bag Mercedes owner, parked in two parking spots. then some jeep owners took the opportunity to squeeze the’re pretty jeeps on both sides of the merc. the merc owner literally had to crawl through the back hatch of his car, after putting a raging kick to each of the jeeps front tires. I totally approve of these jeepsters decisions. if you dont want anyone to park near your pretty little douche car. go park at the back of the lot and walk your lazy ass to store. i would have definitely left a love note on the merc windshield describing how much of a douche bag he his.

this brings out some other thoughts of parking lot etiquette. if your truck is so big that your tires are on the lines. do everyone a favor and park at the back where no one has to deal with squeezing in next to you. if you park crooked in your spot and intruding into the spot next to you. you deserve a douche bag stick/love note. if you cant center your car properly in the spot you chose to park in. do get pissed at the person who parked next to you who knows how to properly park their car. respect each others personal vehicles. dont hit someones car(door ding) and just look the other way. find a little bit of morals in your douche bag heat and leave an apology note at the least. I promise it will help the person ease their rage to know that you care. one last thought. if you park your full size car/truck/SUV in a compact parking spot. your a douche bag. BUT! if you see an open “clean air vehicle” spot. you better take that spot. they dont deserve it.

if you have any other thoughts on parking lot etiquette. share your thoughts.

D.O.C-O.G. corey